Meet the world
Meet the world
3D means interactivity
Unlike ordinary websites, Web Worlds are designed so that people can meet one another online. When you enter our Web Universe, just look at the list of Web Worlds to see who’s online in which World. If you’d like to talk to someone, click the World name to enter it and then walk over to join your friend, colleague – or a new person you’d like to meet.
Communicate more easily
You can communicate with other users via typed chat, VOIP or gestures. They can see your avatar (virtual body), and you can see theirs!
Expand your options
Why limit yourself to using the flat two-dimensional internet when you can literally enjoy an extra dimension by going 3D? Download our browser once (it’s only 5MB) and then keep it as an icon on your desktop. When you’d like to explore our Web Worlds, just click the icon and you’re inside. So stop browsing the Internet on your own and in flat 2D. Enter your virtual body and walk or fly around with the others!

"It’s the first time I’ve not felt alone on the internet."
Sail the Titanic!
The Titanic floats again, and you can stroll its decks in your elegant virtual body. Join your fellow passengers to explore the ship – but watch out for icebergs. AWE is loking for sponsors and investors for version 2, offering interesting and long-term use! Why not buy a cabin for its renewed maiden trip in 2012? See our TITANIC3D site!
Explore a book
For the first time ever, a new children’s book has been completely recreated in multi-user 3D so you can visit all the locations and re-live what the characters did. Activeworlds Europe and professionals from all over the world worked on this project, which has been explored by young readers and featured on Dutch national TV.