Interactive learning
Interactive learning
The 3D classroom
Students no longer have to be physically sitting in front of you for them to learn. Instead, you can create a 3D classroom in which students are present in the form of an avatar (virtual body). Once everyone’s online, you can teach them using chat (typed or VOIP), audio and visual aids including pictures and streaming video.
Instantly accessible
Just like in a real classroom, your students can see and hear what everyone else is saying. But unlike a real classroom, our 3D Web Worlds can be instantly entered by students living all over the world. And if you think there’s a bit too much chatting going on, you can alter the chat privileges so that only you, the teacher, can speak. Just try that in real life ;)
Simple to use
Once your students have downloaded the browser, they can open it in just one click from the icon on their desktop. Virtual Classrooms are the learning tool of the future. What could you achieve in yours?

"My schoolmates thought my answer was really great!"
Educate yourself
For and with Nijghversluys, we developed 5 Educational Cities in which students from different schools and levels can learn more about economics – interactively as well as from their books. After all, why shouldn’t learning be fun? A poll asking the thousands of users what they liked showed more than half of the students used it because it was fun! See NV3D for more information, or contact us.
Walk in Van Gogh’s footsteps
Vincent van Gogh’s house and village in Arles, France have been recreated in 3D so you can walk around and even view the everyday household objects and other scenes that he immortalised in paint. Also visit a 3D world with L'Orange Museum with more paintings!
Visit an art gallery
A unique Art Gallery has been opened in our 3D Burman Web World by art teacher Phil Burman and the Arts Council of England. Walk around it in 3D!