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Where & How
Where and How
AWExchange is meant for all Tourists (free users) and Citizens (members).

AWExchange has been set up because an increasing number of people (now from more than 50 countries) are asking for a central system where they can use their favorite payment method(s) to do business with others, handle their own property, buy and sell goods, receive prizes and many other features. This is what AWExchange offers you, and much more...

Are you new?
Everyone can register for free on AWExchange and automatically open an account to do business with others in Activeworlds. Everyone who has an account can win prizes in AWE games and events, which are automatically connected to your account. Choose Registration on AWExchange for a free registration and Citizen account.

Are you a Citizen in AWE?
If you don't have an AWExchange account yet, just go to AWExchange and use your Citizen Name (or ID number) and your AWE password to login and start enjoying the possibilities.

With an AWExchange account you see immediately when you have won a prize in an AWE game, what your property and financial status are, and you can do business with all other AWExchange users! Keep visiting this site and the AWExchange site for special offers!

"When we meet, we can do real business immediately!"