Open your own Universe
For large-scale or professional use, you may find it more advantageous to buy a Galaxy or Universe license. Both licensing options allow you to open your own virtual environment(s) outside the Activeworlds universes and gain full control over both server, 3D client and content.

A Web World is a multi-user 3D environment, connected to a Galaxy or Universe server via the web. It can be hosted locally on any web-connected PC or server. To activate and make a Web World available on the web, it must be connected to a Galaxy or Universe server.

A Galaxy is a server allowing one connected Web World; a Universe contains as many connected Web Worlds as you like. For both software licenses, the options range from a minimum of 1 million m2 and 50 concurrent users, to unlimited land and tens of thousands of concurrent users online.

In a Galaxy, the size of the world is the same as the license size. In a Universe, each world can have a different size (with the total of world sizes not exceeding the license size) and a changeable number of concurrent users ranging from 1 to 65.000.

The server software can be installed on your Intra- or Extranet, allowing a private or open environment, or a combination of those. Licenses include a personalised client browser with your own dekstop icon, logo, company information and customised message- and help-files.

We also offer to host and manage your licenses on our dedicated servers. Contact us for more information.

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