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Your details
ActiveWorlds Europe collects certain information about visitors for internal purposes including administrative and statistical reasons and to improve the environments. None of this information will be sold, given to third parties or used for mailing purposes unless the recipient agrees in advance. We will never disclose details of visitors, World owners or licensees to others, except in cases where these aforementioned act contrary to European or national laws. Information (such as visitor statistics) which is made public is anonymous and not traceable to any individual visitor.
When entering the 3D environments, you are asked for a (nick-)name and e-mail address. Your e-mail address details are only used for automatic password retrieval (for Citizen members) or for sending you information about a prize you have won. Please ensure your e-mail address is up-to-date: it is the only way you can recover a forgotten password. Only people with genuine e-mail addresses are eligible to win prizes in games. If you join as a Citizen, your full details are kept in our database and are not accessible to third parties.

Please be aware that chat in public environments may be seen by any other visitor. You are advised against making sensitive personal details public.