Virtual Trade show
Virtual Trade show
Make the most of your investment
A real-life Trade Show only lasts for a few days and costs a tremendous amount of time, money and energy. In addition to the costs of your booth, you need to book hotels, arrange and pay for transport, and lose the services of some of your most valuable people while they’re away. Why not take part in a Virtual Trade Show instead, either instead of or in addition to a real-life event?
Combine virtual and real-life events
Potential customers and partners who visit your real-life booth can sit down at a computer and meet your key specialists online for a few minutes to talk over complex issues immediately. Your CEO can come online at a specified time to launch a new product or project. And once your visitors have left, your staff can remain in contact with them in a very personal manner because everyone can continue to see one another online. Also, once the doors of the real-life exhibition close, the virtual exhibition can remain, tempting online visitors with offers and providing an enhanced experience of your company and brands.
Hold stand-alone virtual events
It’s not always possible to meet your clients and customers as often as you’d like, so why not keep in contact more frequently by exhibiting in a Virtual Trade Show? It’s quick and simple to set up because you can just insert your logo, product information and other details into your stand with a few clicks of the mouse – which is easier than building it for real! A robot can alert you when someone comes onto your stand, and all you need do is sit down at your computer to join them.
Laval Virtual
ActiveWorlds Europe and the organisers of the international Laval Virtual Expo have recreated the entire trade show in 3D. This is the first time that such an event has taken place both virtually and for real (it is held in Laval, north-western France, each spring). It marks a new trend in exhibitions, allowing thousands of visitors to walk around the booths, admire the exhibits and meet the exhibitors both during and after the real exhibition. Recreating a real trade show in this way adds value both for exhibitors and for visitors, and enables participating companies to make the most of their investment in the show.