Virtual Meetings
Virtual Meetings
Reduce your costs
How much time does it cost you and your colleagues to organise, travel to and attend a one-hour meeting? With Activeworlds technology, you can save money and effort by holding some of your meetings online.
See who you’re meeting
Meetings held in Activeworlds allow you to see everything that’s happening. They take place in a stylishly recreated environment (such as a copy of your own boardroom). All participants have a virtual body (avatar) and you can see who is saying what from the speech bubbles or the chat window.
Totally compatible
You can link your 3D meeting room to your own website so people can travel there directly. During your meeting, you can use VOIP, streaming video, pictures, audio and other presentation materials to communicate with your visitors.
Increase your opportunities
Virtual meetings in our Web Worlds are low-cost and highly realistic. Unlike video conferencing, they need no special equipment – just a broadband connection. Download the small (5MB) browser once, and you can keep it as an icon on your desktop so you can enter with just one click.

Experiment in 3D
A government spending too much money on infrastructure projects? In a few weeks, we developed a simulation of a weight-analysis system along the M5 in Hungary to enable all involved, including truck drivers, to determine the optimal positioning of the various facilities and road layouts before building the real thing. Per location, they saved more than half a million Euro by not making expensive mistakes. Just visit M5SIM world by going 3D!
Meet more easily
Hold a special meeting in our Virtual Conference Room, or invite all your employees into our Virtual Auditorium. Why waste money on flights and hotels when you can see each other online?