Virtual Storybook
Virtual Storybook
Fairy-tale comes alive
Why just read a book when you can experience it too? When children’s author Marcel van Driel wrote ‘The Fairy-Tale Detectives’, he wanted to make it a totally immersive experience, so he asked AWE to recreate it in 3D. Featured on Dutch national children’s TV, the project was a huge success, with groups of children exploring all the environments described in the book. In the form of their favourite avatar (often a wolf!), the children re-traced the two main characters’ footsteps, discovering secret passages and even more secret family secrets as they travelled across deserts, through woods and up a magic beanstalk…
Publish in 3D
Any book can be recreated in 3D to the extent you want. You can even build a storytelling circle, where readers can sit while the author comes online to read passages from his or her book at a pre-arranged time. It’s a great way to share your appreciation of a book with other enthusiasts – and to discuss what you’ve been reading.