Virtual Conference Room
Virtual Conference Room
Meet in style
A Virtual Conference Room gives you the opportunity to meet colleagues and clients in a professional setting at a fraction of the cost of meeting for real. Our team of modellers can recreate your own boardroom – or make you an even better one – where you can discuss matters in confidence with an invited audience.
The Virtual Conference Room has several important advantages over other meeting methods. Unlike telephone conferencing, you can see who is speaking by looking at the speech bubbles above the avatars’ heads. You will also get a much better sense of what is happening, because you can see who is present and what they have to say.

Activeworlds technology is also a lot simpler, less expensive and more convenient than video conferencing. No cabling is necessary, and you can call a meeting whenever and wherever you feel like it, rather than having to make lots of complex arrangements in advance.

The visual and interactive nature of our Web Worlds gives you the impression of really being there in person. The technology is compatible with other platforms, allowing you to show videos or Powerpoints about your products or ideas. When these are presented, everyone can look at them together – providing a shared experience.