B2B, B2C & C2B
B2B, B2C & C2B
Let consumers innovate
Bring consumers into your Web World workshop and let them play around with particular ingredients, colours, tastes, smells or other possibilities until they’ve come up with a product they themselves would like to buy. You can even make a game of it! Imagine how much more the whole project would cost if you did it in real life.
Research and Development
Ever wondered how much information the combination of 3D and multi-user technologies can generate about human behaviour? We can help you find out. Simulate an environment and compare users’ reactions to those you would expect in real life. You’ll be surprised how similar they are.


Business examples
This technology is used by worldwide companies for specific applications. Companies and organisations using Activeworlds technology include Sony Studios, Kodak, Siemens, NASA, The United States Government, the United Nations, Wells Fargo Bank and many others. Our own clients include Nijghversluys, SURFnet, L3D and the TU Delft.

It’s your choice
You can license the entire client-server technology and tailor it to your own requirements. We can advise you about how best to use it in ways suited to your own type of business. Contact us about existing solutions or to discuss your ideas.
Organise your virtual events in one of our 3D environments and make use of our presentation and welcoming possibilities.
Hold focus groups
For more formal research purposes, gather together a selected group of consumers and bring them into a private Web World for a talk with a moderator and to show them your planned advertising campaign.

Gain customer feedback
Invite your customers into the public areas on your Web World and analyse their reactions to your brands. You can replay chat and examine traffic patterns to give you more insight into their preferences.
Interact with colleagues and consumers
Virtual Business offers more than ordinary e-business because it is truly interactive. You can communicate with colleagues, clients and partners via typed chat, VOIP, streaming video and other means. You can also go up to them and invite them to follow you into the boardroom or to examine your product together. No ordinary two-dimensional website or e-mail link offers such possibilities.

It’s a Visual Business
V-Business is also Visual Business. You can see who you’re doing business with because everyone has an avatar (virtual body). This makes communication much easier and more memorable. In a Virtual Meeting, you can see who’s speaking because speech bubbles appear above their head (or under their name in the chat window if you prefer). See someone you know at a Virtual Conference? Go over and give them a wave.

Easy access
All that you (or your clients) need to enter a Web World is a broadband connection. It takes just a few minutes to download the 3MB Web Universe the first time. After that, you can just click the icon on your desktop each time you have a meeting.

Combine entertainment with business
Activeworlds Europe works together with some of the best 3D modellers and robot developers to create products that enhance working and leisure activities. Most concepts can be used for both entertainment and professional use. For example, a simple “hide and seek” game can be adapted to encourage colleagues to find the right solution to a business issue.

From 2D to 3D
Our software is compatible with most existing technologies, allowing you to maximise your investment by linking your two-dimensional website and other information to your new Web World. Inviting your clients to join you in a Web World literally adds a whole new dimension to business.

Merger and reorganisation event
This business "game" helps employees to find their way in a new environment after a merger or a reorganisation. It encourages them to visit other departments, find the right people to answer a question, join in activities with their colleagues, etc.