Play and learn
Play and learn
Educational games
Activeworlds technology offers the possibility to let groups of students search for the right answers together, progressing from one level to the next as they get the answers right. Hints and clues can be hidden within the search environment, encouraging the students to work together as a group. Teachers can come online (in the form of ‘teacher’ or ‘wise owl’ avatars) to help them if they get stuck.
Saint Nicholas Hunt
Activeworlds Europe organized a worldwide Saint Nicholas hunt for all Dutch children and adults around the world in 2004. It was held in 10 different virtual 3D internet environments, varying from medieval castles and forests to sci-fi Worlds and underwater locations in the Atlantis Web World. With more than 700 people from 75 countries joining in, it was a great success. Many prize winners donated their prizes to the Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital in Utrecht, the Netherlands.

"Amazing how much my kids are prepared to learn in order to have fun!"
Credits Economy in AWE!
Activeworlds Europe has launched a credits economy that allows you to do business with others, and even earn tens or hundreds of euros per year via AWE Connections! Do you already have your own Connection code? Give it to everyone you know so they can enjoy a free week! See AWExchange for more information.
Play LandPick!
FirstSoftware and AWE launch a new interactive and live multi-user game, playable via the internet, and hopefully soon via mobile, game consoles and other devices. Most LandPick games start on the 1st of every month and last for 30 days. To play the game, choose GO 3D on our web site, install the 3D browser (8MB) and access one of the LANDPIC? worlds.
Call ‘Bingo!’
We often hold successful Bingo evenings for our visitors, with Bingo cards big enough to walk around. Visit our Universe to find out when the next one’s on! Oh... during bingo games you can win memberships and even worlds during special games! You don't like bingo? Check out our other games by going 3D!