Be creative
Be creative
Build and recreate
Everyone is creative, but few people get the chance to show it, or to use their creativity on a daily basis. In Activeworlds Europe, we actively encourage creativity by allowing you to build objects, homes, offices, fantasy environments... whatever you like!
What can you make?
If you enter our Web Universe for free as a Tourist, you can build in the special EU Build Web World. Here, you have the choice of thousands of existing objects which you can select, copy and position as you please. If you are a paying Citizen of Activeworlds Europe (for €6.50 per month or €65 per year), you can use all of our existing objects – and also create your own. As a Citizen, you can build in all of our public Worlds. The only limit is your imagination...
Come and admire the builds!
You can explore our Web Universe free of charge to see what your friends have made, and to get some ideas of what you could create yourself. Why not do it now?

"I’ve built myself a palace. My friends have to bow before they enter!"
Sail the Titanic!
The Titanic floats again, and you can stroll its decks in your elegant virtual body. Join your fellow passengers to explore the ship – but watch out for icebergs. AWE is loking for sponsors and investors for version 2, offering interesting and long-term use! Why not buy a cabin for its renewed maiden trip in 2012? See our TITANIC3D site!
Explore a book
For the first time ever, a new children’s book has been completely recreated in multi-user 3D so you can visit all the locations and re-live what the characters did. Activeworlds Europe and professionals from all over the world worked on this project, which has been explored by young readers and featured on Dutch national TV.