Broadcast live in more places
Our 3D environments offer the possibility of playing streaming video, allowing you to target specific audiences – and even to influence the surroundings in which they view your programmes.
Watch and enjoy together
Activeworlds technology allows tens of thousands of visitors to watch the same film or programme at the same time. While watching, they can discuss what’s on screen and even vote on it. You can divide them into groups or set them projects, and they can meet each other for the first time. Our environments are a great place to find out what your audience is thinking and what they want to do and watch. Instead of only having them watching you, you can see them too – and everyone can see each other!
Do more for less
TV is an expensive medium. Make the most of your investment and keep your viewing figures high by linking your show to a Web World.

"Now we can cry over our favourite soap series together!"
Expand your format
Want to make the most of your new format? Be it radio, TV, web, mobile and in combinations? Imagine how its set-up and effect could be optimised by recreating it in a Web World.
Act it out
Many groups of actors have to travel to rehearse their lines with the others. A growing number of actors is doing this online on a virtual stage, with or without an audience and without travel, but with the same effect! (1 out of 10 rehearsal sessions can be done online, and every 10th one is a real challenge again)
Listen while you walk
Fancy some music while you’re in our Web Universe? We offer you access to live radio stations while you’re walking, flying or swimming through our Web Worlds. You have your own radio station? Feel free to contact us and go a big step further into the future of interactive music!