Products and concepts
Products and concepts
Stimulate internal communication
Recreate your company premises in your own private Web World, and itís up to you who is allowed to enter. Invite your staff to join you for a quick meeting in the company auditorium, or speak confidentially to top management in the boardroom.
Do better business
Web Worlds are great places to do business. Demonstrate your products to clients in a Virtual Company Expo, meet new partners in a Virtual Trade Show, or sell your latest range in a Virtual Shopping Centre.
Learn from your customers
Consumer to business (C2B) communication is still in its infancy, but offers many highly useful possibilities. For example, you can monitor the chat or hold focus groups in publicly-accessible areas to find out what your customers really think of a new product.

"A Virtual Sales Assistant? Sounds kind of fun!"
Experiment in 3D
A government spending too much money on infrastructure projects? In a few weeks, we developed a simulation of a weight-analysis system along the M5 in Hungary to enable all involved, including truck drivers, to determine the optimal positioning of the various facilities and road layouts before building the real thing. Per location, they saved more than half a million Euro by not making expensive mistakes. Just visit M5SIM world by going 3D!
Meet more easily
Hold a special meeting in our Virtual Conference Room, or invite all your employees into our Virtual Auditorium. Why waste money on flights and hotels when you can see each other online?