Who are we?
Who are we?
Our background
Activeworlds Inc. was founded in America in 1995 and continues to develop the technology that makes these advanced Web Worlds the most advanced multi-user communication method available. Activeworlds Europe is the official distributor and co-developer of Activeworlds software.
Our people
We started in the Netherlands in 2003 and have grown to a network of specialists from around the world. Our own global organisation is an excellent example of virtual collaboration, with each person contributing his or her own skills, background and knowledge in pursuit of a common goal. Although many of us have never met in person, our regular online meetings in our Web Worlds have created a strong and practical connection, convincing us even more of the huge potential of the multi-user, 3-dimensional internet for business and consumer use.
Our 3D Web Worlds are part of the next generation of communication. By constantly improving our environments and integrating new possibilities, we aim to always offer you the best solutions for your needs. Read more

"The role-playing game really brought our staff together."
TITANIC 3D launch
April 2012 marks the Centenary of the sailing and sinking of the Titanic. You can be part of the voyage in your own cabin, with more than 2000 other passengers. Visit Titanic3D where everyone can register for the journey and has the chance to win a cabin. You can still visit the 2005 version by clicking GO 3D on the left and installing the 8MB 3D brower.
Credits Economy in AWE!
Activeworlds Europe has launched a credits economy that allows you to do business with others, and even earn tens or hundreds of euros per year via AWE Connections! Do you already have your own Connection code? Give it to everyone you know so they can enjoy a free week! See AWExchange for more information.
Superheroes game!
Ever wanted to be a Superhero? On the 4th of September 2011, the Dutch children's book Superhelden.nl was launched live by the Utrecht writer Marcel van Driel in Amsterdam during Children's Books Week (see Manuscripta). Feel free to watch the film trailer and pass it on to your friends! The book launch included the free 3D game!